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Maine SLIFE Screener


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Project Dates

August 2022 – October 2023

Overview and Purpose

The Maine SLIFE Screener provides quantitative measures of a student’s abilities in their native language aligned to the Maine Math and English language arts standards. These measures are intended to accompany qualitative observations collected during the SLIFE identification process. The goal of the Screener is to provide a formal tool to gauge whether an identified multilingual learner (ML) student is two or more years below expected grade level in native language literacy and/or math skills.


Agora Learning's Role

Building on the collaboration with members of the Maine Department of Education (DOE), the Multilingual Learner Advisory Committee (MLAC), and SupportEd, the Agora Learning team developed a SLIFE Screener in Math, Reading, and Writing.

Our Team

Samples from this Partnership

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"A fantastic experience working on the SLIFE Screener with your amazing team. Your deep knowledge, excellent communication, and warmth are a wonderful combination. It has been my honor and pleasure to work with you."
Rebecca Carey, M.Ed
Maine Multilingual Advisory Committee